WL0823 solar wall mounted headlight

Solar LED WL0823 is the product of modern science and technology, compact design, durable materials. With independent performance, strong and stable light-emitting ability, the WL0823 lamp is the perfect solution to illuminate gardens, walkways, parks, garages, etc.


Thanh toán ngay
Model WL0823
Size 280 * 170 * 62.5 mm
Wattage 8W
Light flux 800lm
Solar Panel 5.5V 6.8W, Polycrystalline
The battery Lithium-Ion 12AH 3.7V
The light degradation rate 25000 h≤30%
Color rendering index Ra> 85
PF PF≥0.93
Beam angle projection 60 ° – 120 °
Installation height 2-4m
LED age 50,000 hours
Color temperature 3000-7000K
Working temperature -20 ~ + 50 ° C
IP index IP68
Guarantee 1 year
Certificate CE, ROHS, …
Color Grey

Salient features of WL0823 LED solar lights:

Premium quality:

+ The whole body of the lamp is covered by an extremely strong, strong aluminum frame, covered with high-quality anti-rust paint, durable over time.

+ Lamp products after meticulous production process, carefully tested to meet European quality standards will be launched.

Unique integrated design:

+ WL0823 solar LED light has a compact, modern 2-in-1 design.

+ The top of the LED is a single-crystal silicon solar panel that is ruggedly designed, waterproof, resistant to inclement weather.

+ The face consists of many LED chips combined into a perfect whole, protected by toughened glass, high quality LED chip, stable brightness up to 100 lm / s.

+ In addition, the lamp is also integrated additional hand straps suitable for moving and installing.

Principle of operation:

+ When it is sunny, the panels absorb sunlight into the internal battery, 3.7V battery pack with high quality Lithium-Ion material.

+ Fast charging time is only from 6 to 8 hours, long use up to 30-36 hours.

+ When it is dark, there is no sunlight, thanks to the intelligent light sensor, the LED lights automatically turn on.

Lamp application:

WL0823 wall mounted solar LED is easy to install because of its compact, independent design independent of the national grid.

+ Lamps with low capacity, long life, used to replace old bulbs just save money on electricity, just save money on maintenance maintenance.

+ Lights are widely applied in gardens, paths, backyard walls, parks …