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Controller for wind / solar battery / solar charge charging / 40A Solarcity lighting

SolarCity  is the controller recharged from tassels pin  wind / solar lighting is the  case (SolarCity is the controller recharged from tassels pin and wind solar, lighting  combination of  intelligent)  type WS-WSC MPPT is a new product designed and developed with advanced control circuitry by the   new Solarcity in the multinational energy industry. The new generation  Solarcity  wind / solar hybrid light controller  is different from  other controllers  , specially designed for wind light / solar street lighting combined in integration of wind power and solar power. This controller can reduce the only energy consumption that can cause sufficient electricity supply or unbalanced conditions by using wind power and solar energy sources to generate electricity continuously. It has light control + precise time control control function that can accurately load this control on / off time (Optional). SolarCity coherent light controller  not only efficient power conversion made  wind turbine  and battery panel from solar energy. 

1. Turn on the light when it is dark and turn off when it is bright automatically according to the light intensity.
2. Internal temperature compensation function.

3.Use a high quality aluminum alloy case, compact size and best natural cooling

4.  Intelligent control microprocessor, precision control.
5. Protection against wear like steam, sea water, short circuit protection and polarity reversal protection.
6.  Overload protection, over voltage protection, over discharge discharge protection (battery exhaustion).

7.  The application of two ways, two DC outputs, 1 light control, 2 time control, continuous output, and various output control features to choose from.

8.  Adapted to PWM pulse mode to uninstall, the battery is in the best state of charge of all the installation ways ..

9.  Adaptive way of limiting voltage and current to ensure battery in the best charging state of charge all the way.

10.  Recognize the  wind turbine  charging voltage and charging current accurately with a variety of safe and complete  wind turbine  brake protection system.

11.Smart and intelligent protection measures (including solar protection polarity reversing panel, battery overload, over-discharge (battery exhaustion), match protection Reverse polarity battery, output overload, lightning protection,  restricting wind turbine  too strong, wind turbine automatically braking and braking by humans)





Voltage system

12V / 24V receive voltage automatically

Max nominal current


Max output current


Capacity of wind turbines

400W ~ 800W (12V / 24V)

Charge out voltage HVD

14.4 V / 28.8V

Low voltage cut off LVD

10.8V / 21.6V

Low voltage restores LVR

11.8V / 23.6V

Overload protection


Short circuit protection


Active light

control light on + control lights off

Time control light

Light control on / off + time control on / off

Time control classification

0.5 hour start, half an hour of once, up to 10 hours


1 single light bulb

Environment temperature

-25  ℃  – + 55  ℃

Safety level


Auto dissipation


Wind turbine brake mechanism

Unload the brake

Control mode

Solar / wind charger, PWM technology


Trademark:  Solarcity Size:  123 × 120 × 41mm
Commodity:  Control charging of wind power – solar – lighting Weight:  0.6kg
Paradigm:  30A-50A Number of packages 01PCS / CARTON









– Control charging  and regulating the battery charge   in the solar power system, supplying electricity to household electric equipment such as lighting, televisions, CD players, Video systems, computer stands, telephone exchange, computers fax, fan, water pump, internet or company, office building …

Application Inverter samyoung 100W

Application Inverter samyoung 100W