Solarcity wind generator
– Easy to install.
– Unique design, beautiful aesthetic, free maintenance.
– Small size and light weight 30% smaller than conventional generators


Thanh toán ngay


 Wind energy is a renewable energy source and will always exist, which will reduce the use of non-renewable sources, but the exploitation of these energy sources will adversely affect generations. tomorrow, while coal and wood are renewable sources of energy

* Global warming is one of the biggest challenges for all humanity. Wind energy is a great alternative to our energy needs, because it is not as polluting as large as fossil fuels.

 * It may take a whole lot of land to build a power plant. But with a wind power plant , you only need a small area to build. After installing the turbines, this area can still be used for farming or other agricultural activities.

 * Cost effective. The cost of installing a wind turbine is lower than for a coal power plant and there are no costs associated with buying and transporting fuel into wind turbines, such as coal-fired power plants.

– Anemometer: The unit measures wind speed and transmits wind speed data to the controller.
– Blades: Propeller Wind blows through the blades and causes the blades to move and spin.
– Brake: Brake unit (brake). Used to stop the rotor in an emergency situation by electricity, water or motor.
– Controller: Controller. The controller will start the engine at a wind speed of about 8 to 14 mph / 12 km / h to 22 km / h and the engine switch will be about 65 mph / 104 km / h because the This transmitter may heat up.
– Gear box: Gearbox. Gears are connected to low-speed spindles with high-speed spindles and increase the rotation speed from 30 to 60 rpm to 1200 to 1500 rpm, the rotation speed is required by most real generators. output electricity. This gear set is very expensive, it is part of the engine and wind turbine.
– Generator: Generator generates electricity
– High – speed shaft: Generator shaft of the generator at high speed.
– Low – speed shaft: Low-speed rotating shaft.
– Nacelle: Shell. Including rotor and outer casing, the whole set is on top of the cylinder and includes parts: gear box, low and high – speed shafts, generator, controller, and brake. The outer casing protects the internal components of the casing. Some covers must be large enough for a technician to stand inside while working.
– Pitch: Roast – The wing is rotated or tilted slightly to keep the rotor spinning in the wind not too high or too low to generate electricity.
– Rotor: Including the rotor and shaft.
– Tower: Nacelle support column is made of cylindrical steel or steel ballast. Because the wind speed increases if the column is higher, the pillar is higher to gain more wind power and generate more electricity.
– Wind vane: To handle wind direction and contact “yaw drive” to orient the wind turbine.
– Yaw drive: Used to keep the rotor always towards the main wind when there is a change of wind direction.
– Yaw motor: The motor that provides “yaw drive” determines the wind direction.

Specifications of   wind generator 200W  SOLARCITY
– Model: 2010RV-SC
– Rated power: 200 W – Rated output
voltage: DC12V / 24V
– Impeller diameter: 0.6 M
– Wing height: 0.6 M
– Wing material: Super durable fiberglass
– Number of blades: 5
– Rated wind speed: 8-10m / s
– Maximum wind speed: 15m / s 
– Wind turbine start: 1.5m / s
– Generator type power: Three-phase permanent magnet synchronous generator
– Speed ​​regulation: Automatically adjusts wind direction (tail and permanent electricity)
– Stop method: Brake by Controller
– Working temperature: From -40 ℃ to 80 ℃
– Equipment life: 20 years