PWM 60A-12V / 24 LCD / PWM6024A Solar Charge Controller

It is a device that performs the function of regulating the battery’s charge, protects the battery against overloading and over-discharge to enhance the life of the battery, and helps the solar system to use effectively. fruit


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Controller Information Solar Charge PWM 60A-12V / 24 LCD


Charger controller solar  PWM  is the latest technology currently used algorithms advanced tracking to make modules of solar activity in voltage ideal that the module power  of sun Heaven  can produce the maximum power available. 

Compared to conventional controllers, PWM  technology is equipped with temperature compensation function, which can make the efficiency of photovoltaic modules increase by 10% – 30%, and can extend battery life.  storage.

Main function:

* Compared to this normal PWM controller solar controller controller can increase efficiency 10% -30%

* Can charge and discharge at the same time

* Always keep the  battery  in full state

* Protect the  battery to  discharge too much

* Protection to prevent the  battery from  discharging back to the solar panels during the night

* Protect pole reverse  battery

* Reverse polarity protection for  solar panels

* When the battery voltage is low, the controller will automatically cut off the load from the system. If the battery  voltage  is back to normal and the load will restart working.

* Protection of thunder when it rains

* The controller will automatically compensate the temperature of the charging voltage according to changes of the ambient temperature







Solar battery voltage input automatically   12 / 24vDC  
Charging line 60A Max.  
Output voltage automatic battery load   12 / 24vDC  
Maximum voltage of solar batteries   60vDC  
Maximum charging current for solar batteries 60A Max.  
Loss line 36mA  
Charging disconnection threshold (battery full) 14.4V ± 2%  28.8V ± 2%   
Recharging threshold 13.6V ± 2%  27.2V ± 2%   
Storage temperatures -35 ° C – 70 ° C  
Working temperature -25 ° C – 60 ° C



Application Inverter samyoung 100W

Application Inverter samyoung 100W