Large capacity solar street lamp 0856 ( 180W )

0856 solar street light is a type of LED with a large capacity, high intensity of illumination, wide range of lighting suitable for lighting applications in the evening commuter areas such as streets and squares. , parks, yards, villas …


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Product specifications:

Model 0856
Size L901 * 220 * 118 mm
Wattage 180W
LED 160lm / w, 324 LED 5730
Solar Panel 10V 28W, Polycrystalline
Speed ​​of light attenuation 25000h ≤ 30%
Color rendering index Ra> 85
PF PF≥0.93
Projection angle 120 °
Longevity 50000h
Color temperature 3000-7000K
operating temperature -20 ~ + 50 ° C
The battery LiFePO4 6.4V 24AH
IP code IP65
Charging time 6-8 hours
Lighting time 20-24 hours
Certification CE, ROHS, SAA, EMC, LVD
Application Street, path, garden …

Features and features of 0856 solar street light:

– The lamp has a rather unique design with a long shape, fully integrated with the boards and light chips to help the product look neat and aesthetically pleasing.

– Comes with a large-capacity polycrystalline battery, which helps produce electricity stored in the battery during the day to provide the entire lighting operation at night.

– Charged battery is a high-class lithium-ion battery. This battery is manufactured without the use of toxic heavy metals so it is environmentally friendly, known for its ability to charge and discharge slowly and especially longer life than conventional batteries. .

– The box part of 0856 solar LED street light is made of high-grade aluminum alloy, very difficult to deform by small bumps, no rust, good ability to withstand temperature changes. Because of these strengths, lights can work very well outdoors.

– The lamp cover has a combination of ABS plastic, which helps create a solid and tight structure. The product has passed all tests and meets the international waterproofing standard IP65. In addition, there are many standard certificates such as RoHS, CE, LVD, SAA, EMC of the international.

– The 3-chip LED distribution lamp emits a strong light source, stable light rays (without flickering) so it does not harm the eyes, saves electricity and has a very long life span.

– The lighting angle of the lamp is up to 120 degrees, it is recommended to install the lamp at a height of 6-8m so that the lamp reaches the optimal lighting effect.

– The lamp uses solar technology so the installation is very simple, just connect the panel to the top of the lamp then mount the lamp to the light pole to be able to operate without any wires. Electricity is cumbersome.

– This 0856 solar street light model is suitable for lighting applications in areas such as streets, parks, children’s play areas …